A game to be the best DJ in the world

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Table of Contents

The highlight of this development is that it is a one-of-a-kind game. Youth Control Games has launched the first DJ game for mobile devices. Unlike other virtual DJ apps, MIXMSTR focuses on the culture and lifestyle of DJs and the club scene, making it an interactive and immersive game like no other.


MIXMSTR, become the best DJ in the world

It is a development that focuses not only on mixing music and adding effects to it, but also broadens your horizons towards what the life of a DJ is. Players earn virtual money to build their own record collection and improve their DJ skills. As the game progresses, players will rise through the ranks and take their DJ careers from a gig at the local pub to headlining MIXMSTR at the world’s biggest clubs.

The game uses a rhythmic action platform to give players the opportunity to mix tracks and select music from real world producers and record labels to fill the virtual dance floor.

mixmstr home

The team of creators they have developed is not something trivial, since they have extensive and solid training not only in design and development, but also in electronic music. Furthermore, this knowledge was used to link real life DJ culture to the game and even used a real lighting engineer to program the lights of the nightclubs that appear in town. They think that there are already many alternative virtual DJ applications, so they have decided to design a fun game about DJ culture combined with the nightclub atmosphere.

A Guitar Hero-style mechanic

This very novel idea would not be so prolific if it were not well executed. Obviously our mission is to become the best DJ in the world, but you have to start from scratch. We started with a backpack and a small mixer, in addition to having some vinyl to DJ. Later we will unlock a store for more vinyl with different music genres.

When entering a nightclub, the gameplay is very intuitive and reminds a lot of Guitar Hero games. We have three lines to press to set the rhythm of the music and get the highest possible score, two of them belonging to the channels where the vinyls are placed, while the remaining one belongs to the central equalizer. In addition, the levels are usually quite dynamic, since in the middle of the session we have to change the vinyls to put other tracks, something we must be aware of since the game does not warn us.

mixmstr tutorial

It must be said that each vinyl has a outreach level and impact level. Reach is the number of clubbers that the vinyl has an effect on. The higher that number, the more successful the party will be and the greater the enthusiasm of those present. If we can fill the clubhouse bar, we make sure they won’t leave the party. We can increase these two factors by improving the vinyls. A very immersive experience is what this MIXMSTR game keeps.