A fighting game with PvP combat

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Table of Contents

It is the official game of the company, another one that joins the collection of titles developed for mobile phones. It promises a lot of action in a light and very playable format, where of course we will have the most iconic characters of the franchise.

WWE Undefeated

WWE Undefeated, 2D fighting game

The manager this time for work is nWay, the developer and publisher of hit multiplayer games like Power Rangers: Legacy Wars and Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. WWE Undefeated features Quick Session matches designed for mobile devices, featuring exotic settings from around the world. Players can compete head-to-head in real time with live opponents as they experience the action, signature moves and the greatest Superstars in WWE history.

wwe undefeated graphics

As usual, we have a tutorial to get hold of the controls with the timing to use the cards. Bear in mind that the fighter has a energy bar, which we must manage when using the deck, since each card has a specific cost. This expense depends on the power or damage each move does. The deck rotates from three to three cards, of which one will almost always be defensive to block rival attacks. Speaking of attacks, all the movements are real, that is, the same ones we see on television of our favorite fighters. We have ‘The Rock Bottom’, ‘Styles Clash’, ‘Tombstone Piledriver’ from The Undertaker, among others.

wwe undefeated decks

The game offers a strategic RPG elementAs we will be able to collect and update WWE movement cards to find the optimal configuration that best suits each Superstar and our own personal play style. We have three slots to create different decks and choose them quickly before the game, although we can try them right in the button that appears next to “To practice”.

Real fighters, but arcade gameplay

One of the great news of this game, although it is normal for an official title, is that we have a large catalog of wrestlers brought from WWE. Not all of them are there, far from it, but there are enough to enjoy a generous variety. First we will receive The Rock to get started, which is not bad at all. Then we will have the possibility to unlock AJ Styles by chest.

However, we find more fighters that can be unlocked by increasing our level or through real money. The lucky ones are Kofi Kingston, Drew McIntyre, Finn Balor, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, The Undertaker, Nakamura and more who will be joining the list. All of them are characterized by a more cartoon and more pronounced body parts, recalling the physics of the WWE 2K Battlegrounds, which gives off the same aroma.

wwe undefeated rounds

That similarity is also transmitted to the gameplay, since it is fully arcade and according to the game we are dealing with. The battles are fast-paced, fast and enjoyable. Despite using cards to fight, it keeps us with that emotion that a fighting game requires, concentrating on the timing to use the cards at the right time and as quickly as possible. All the fighting have two or three rounds, which are concluded with pinfalls, the typical countdowns to end a fight in wrestling.

Obviously, we are always missing something for the game to be perfect within its possibilities. To be a game with PvP combat, we need to have a friends network to face in individual fights. It would be an interesting option if we can choose the person we want to play in a game between two. Another improvement is the optimization, undoubtedly very improvable for the correct performance of the game, which may be saved in high-end phones, but in medium or low ranges they leave much to be desired.