8 settings to take better photos in Android

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Table of Contents

One of the functions we use in our Android phone is the camera. We can see that this is an area in which the telephones have been remarkably improved with the passage of the years, incorporating some technologies that are essential today. In addition, the cameras themselves we found lot of functions and settings that allow you to take better photos.

If you want to take better photos with your Android phone, there are some adjustments that you can make in the camera. Thanks to them you’ll be able to take pictures of better quality at all times, by squeezing in this way the maximum your camera on your phone.

Use the HDR to make photos of the day

Example of photography with HDR in the Honor 6C Pro

The HDR mode has become something very common in cameras on Android, that which we have already spoken. It is a function that we will be able to use the time taking photos of day, especially when it is very sunny and you want to capture well the contrast between lights and shadows in some places. Also at times when the different exposures of light, but we want to capture them all, we can use this mode. The use of this mode will allow you to extend the dynamic range of the images, allowing you to get the best photos of the day. It can be activated in a simple way:

  1. Opens the Camera in Android
  2. Tap More.
  3. Looking for the HDR Mode.
  4. Click on this mode to activate it.
  5. Scoop out the desired photos.

Use Proportion 4:3 to take pictures

8 settings to take better photos in Android 1

At the time of taking photos with the phone we can choose between several proportions. What is common is that it is possible to choose between 4:3 or 16:9, although many phones have also some additional options. When in doubt about what is the best ratio, in practice most cases is 4:3, that in fact in the camera settings is usually displayed as the recommended.

The physical form of the sensors saves a proportion 4:3, so if we use others, we are causing that you have digital scrapbook, making the resolution of the sensor is reduced and we obtain images of worse quality. It is best to check in the settings of the app camera what is the resolution and recommended ratiobecause that is typically the one that will take better photos with the camera, taking advantage of the sensor in this way.

Using the recognition of scenes

8 settings to take better photos in Android 2

The artificial intelligence is already something essential in the cameras of the phones on Android, and it is something that allows us to take better photos. The recognition of scenes is a key function in this, as it will save us time when we have to take pictures, not be necessary to make adjustments manually. The camera will detect the scene, whether a landscape, a portrait or a picture of a plant, for example, and is adjusted automatically to get the best picture possible.

In the majority of cameras in Android simply click on the button that says AIto activate the scene recognition. Saves us time and also the camera automatically adjusts, so you get better photos is something very simple. There are some who criticize the use of this type of functions, but are presented as a way to take better photos on Android, especially for users who do not have little experience of configuring various aspects in the camera (ISO, aperture,…).

Reduce the use of the flash

8 settings to take better photos in Android 3

The majority of phones on Android are equipped with a LED flash, which generates a light too harsh, causing them in addition to shadows in the pictures, which are not always desirable. There are times in which we don’t have other choice but to use the flash when we go to take a picture, especially if the light is bad, but using the flash is not something that actually helps to take better photos. Tends to make the matter worse, in many cases, so reducing their use is the best.

That is why it is important having the flash off on your camerabecause but you want to use it, but you are in a space with low or bad light, the photo is taken using the flash without that you want. At the top of the app of camera you have the icon of the flash (the lightning) and there you can turn it off, avoiding that jump automatically without you want this to happen.

Manages the opening

8 settings to take better photos in Android 4

The opening of the camera you can enable them to take better photos, because it allows more light into the sensor. On many phones, comes a level of openness by default in the camera, although there are many that let you adjust this. This is something that will allow adjustments depending on the photo that you need to take, resulting in better pictures.

In many cameras in Android, in the section of More, we have an option that is the Opening. There we will be able to manage the level of the same, in order to get some better photos all the time. Depending on the type of photo you need to take, you’ll need to adjust this opening in the camera.

Dominates the Pro mode of the camera

8 settings to take better photos in Android 5

The majority of phones in the high-end and mid-range have the Pro mode in its settings. It is a way that we can define as the manual mode, as that will allow us to adjust a series of parameters with which to take better photos in Android. The parameters that we can adjust in this mode vary between phones, but tend to be some as the ISO, white balance or the exposure level.

Activate the Pro Mode on your camera so you can manually adjust everything to your liking, to take the best pictures possible. This mode can be complex at the beginningbut little by little you’ll dominate. The important thing is to take lots of pictures, to discover how each affects adjustment to that photo and so be able to have more control and knowledge about these options on your camera, to get the best possible results.

Use the night mode

8 settings to take better photos in Android 6

Another mode that I’ve talked about in the past is the night mode. The purpose of it is clear: to take night photos so as to get better outcomes compared to those that is taken out using the normal mode. Is a function that has been improving remarkably with the passage of time, especially in the high range, and got some quality results. So in a lot of phones, use the night mode is a good option, since you are going to take very good photos as well.

It is normal that in the More menu you will have access to this Night Mode and there you can activate. To take good pictures using the night mode it is important not to move. So you try to find yourself on a stable surface or use a tripod, so as to make sure that the photos are good and don’t come out blurry, as there is usually that staying still for several seconds to process the image completely, which is not always easy.

Use the grid to center your photos

This is the best camera of the Google Pixel for the OnePlus 7 Pro

When we want to take a picture, and we like that certain elements are centered, we can resort to the grid. This setting makes on the screen of the phone, when we are using the camera application, out a grid with nine squares, which helps us to better focus the photo, to be able to put in the same what that we want to put in the center. It is a really simple way to take better photos on Android. To activate this grid, follow these steps:

  1. Opens the camera application.
  2. Click on the toothed wheel.
  3. Look into the option of Grid or Turn on Grid.
  4. Activate the switch next to that option.

By default it tends to come off in many brands of phonesbut it is an adjustment that is still present in the settings with the passage of time. It is one of the simplest ways to get a good composition, which is one of the keys to take better photos with your Android phone.

The input 8 settings to take better photos in Android appears first in Android Free.