50 new animals in 3D come to the Google search engine

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If there is something that we already take for granted on the Internet, it is search engines. Google is the most popular outside of China but even the alternatives, like DuckDuckGo or Bing we know they are there.

Despite this, there are developments within them that go beyond altering the order of the results and that can be useful especially when teaching online. One of the most striking functions that Google has incorporated in recent years is the 3D representation of animals.

A small zoo of animals in 3D on your phone

50 new animals in 3D come to the Google search engine

We have talked about this function on occasions, but the American company does not stop expanding the number of animals available. Last month we saw how the search engine added many beings from Australia, such as the koala.

Today well-known species have been added that were not yet there, such as the hippopotamus or the giraffe. Among others that were, such as dogs or cats, we see that there are many different breeds.

How to make these animals appear

The use of these new search results, which after all is what they are, is identical to that of the other animals that we already had.

We just have to go to the search engine on a compatible mobile, that is, one that can use Google’s ARCore, look for the name in the text box and slide down until we see a 3D design of that animal.

To the left of that design we will have an option to see it in 3D. From there we can integrate it into our space through the use of augmented reality and although by default they will appear the size they have in nature, we can change it by zooming in with our fingers.

Watch video

As usual, we can take a photo of it or a video, by pressing the shutter button on the interface that appears or by pressing and holding to record.

The entry 50 new animals in 3D come to the Google search engine appears first in The Free Android.