49 free apps that were previously paid: like take an ice cream in the sun

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Table of Contents

Applications free

Returns the end of the weekend, and with it, free time to try free apps for Android, games, and packs of customization, such as live wallpapers and packages of icon. All of these paid apps are free for a limited time and can be downloaded from Spain and other countries.

As usual, we have compiled here some paid applications that you can now download completely free of chargebut eye, that will not be so for a long time. Here we have selected applications that are normally paid, but whose developers have decided to offer them for a limited time at no cost. No ads or micropayments.

  • This app puts in evidence the “scam of the RAM” in Android.
  • These are the best applications of artificial intelligence chosen by Google.
  • Revolution in Google Maps no longer has a robotic voice.

Free applications are available for a limited time, so do not delay much in getting them.

And of course, once you download them, will be associated to your Google account and therefore will be yours forever, and can install them again in the future or on other Android smartphones and tablets you have with your Google account. As always be warned, these “deals” may end up from one moment to another, so it is possible that some applications or games since you do not appear for free when you click on them, it all depends on how fast you are.

Free apps for Android

  1. The Video Board.
  2. JPEG Optimizer PRO with support for PDF.
  3. Paint – Pro.
  4. English for all! Pro.
  5. SnipBack – Voice Recorder SMART PRO HD.
  6. p≡p.
  7. Italian-English Translator.
  8. Spanish English Translator.
  9. German-English Translator.
  10. Pedometer GPS Tracker.
  11. Omega: Ascension.
  12. Speed View GPS Pro.
  13. UC Player.
  14. BlackCam Pro – B&W Camera.
  15. Sketch Me! Pro.
  16. Typlt Pro – Watermark, Logo & Text on Photos.
  17. Gif Me! Camera Pro.
  18. Resize Me! Pro.
  19. Widgets – CPU | RAM | Battery.
  20. PowerAudio Pro Music Player.
  21. audioPro Music Player.
  22. CPU Identifier Pro.
  23. PowerAudio Plus Music Player.

Free games for Android

  1. Крестики Нолики Jumbo Pro.
  2. Math Shot.
  3. Magnets Ball Pro.
  4. BUMGINEER Clicker RPG.
  5. Speed Ball.
  6. Xbar10n: Card Game – New-2020.
  7. Mental Hospital V – Horror Games.
  8. Nimian Legends: BrightRidge.
  9. The Dollar Game.
  10. Peppa Pig: The Boots Brown.
  11. Hills Legend: Action-horror.

Applications of personalization free

  1. Reborn Icon Pack.
  2. Retro Vintage Purple – Icon Pack.
  3. Rumber – Icon Pack.
  4. Star Clock Live Wallpaper.
  5. Ontrax – Icon Pack.
  6. Planets Live Wallpaper Plus.
  7. World Clock Pro.
  8. Nomo – Icon Pack.
  9. Popo – Icon Pack.
  10. Crumple – Icon Pack.
  11. Cute Icon Pack.
  12. Aron Icon Pack.
  13. Merrun Icon Pack.
  14. Icon Pack Creator.
  15. Watercolor – Icon Pack.

The input 49 free apps that were previously paid: like take an ice cream in the sun first appears in The Android Free.