49 applications to download for free that was previously paid

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Table of Contents

49 applications to download for free that was previously paid 1

Currently we spend a lot more time at home, using the mobile. Many insurance that you have applications that take all the time in the world, but you may want to discover some new.

Today we bring you a list of applications that, temporary, we can free download in the Google Play Store. We say this because they are apps that normally cost money.

Taking into account that it is a listing with almost half a hundred apps, games and packs of icons, you may want to take a look and see if any of them you find it of interest.

In addition, if you believe that now I will not serve but will do so in the future, you can download them and it will be linked to your Google account.

Applications free

49 applications to download for free that was previously paid

  1. Dolce Gusto Touch Timer
  2. Nero Streaming Player Pro | Connect phone to TV
  3. Applocker & Gallery Vault Pro
  4. CineLenses
  5. SnoreGym : Reduce Your Snoring
  6. Partiture Live – Learn Sheet Music & Transcribed It
  7. Turkish Clarinet Fingerings
  8. WakeTips
  9. CashBox Mobile
  10. RIDBC Auslan Tutor
  11. Shepard Fairey AR – DAMAGED

Free games

  1. Flies, fly away!
  2. Chuckie Egg 2017 HD
  3. Brothers 3 The Saga Continue
  4. Dino Tim Full Version: Basic Math for kids
  5. FASTAR VIP – Shooting Star Rhythm Game
  6. Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter (Premium)
  7. Idle Poo Factory VIP
  8. Dribble
  9. Freelancer Simulator Inc : Game Dev Money Clicker
  10. FunTime Cards For Kids
  11. The Press
  12. Trigono – geometric brain-boiling adventure
  13. The Dollar Game
  14. Classic Sudoku PRO(No Ads)
  15. Demetrios Chapter 2
  16. Johnny Bonasera 1
  17. Laser Labyrinth
  18. My Town : School
  19. NEW Math puzzles 2
  20. Patchman vs. Red Circles
  21. Peppa Pig: Happy Mrs Chicken
  22. Sokoban Land DX
  23. Tunn
  24. WILOO
  25. #Breakforcist
  26. 82 Animals Dot-to-Dot for Kids
  27. Becoming a Dandelion Spore.
  28. Fill Deluxe VIP
  29. League of Stickman – Best action game(Dreamsky)
  30. League of Stickman 2-Sword Demon

Packs of icons and wallpapers


  1. Beast – Icon Pack
  2. Aura – Icon Pack
  3. Aurora Icon Pack
  4. Falling Flowers Network – Live Wallpaper
  5. Gento – Q Icon Pack
  6. Krix Icon Pack
  7. Redox – Icon Pack
  8. Prism Live Wallpaper

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