4 smart plugs for 30 euros: a beastly offer

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4 smart plugs for 30 euros: a beastly offer 1

Voice assistants made the leap from mobiles to homes with the arrival of smart speakers. However, if we only have speakers, the control of the house is not particularly powerful. That’s where Alexa or Google Assistant-compatible devices like smart plugs come into play.

There are many products of this type but today we have seen an offer on Amazon that makes it impossible not to buy.

He Pack of four Zoozee plugs has been lowered for a few days from 46 to nothing less than 30 euros, a very low price considering the number of devices.

What functions do Zoozee smart plugs have

4 smart plugs for 30 euros: a beastly offer 2

Like most of these products, these plugs are compatible with Google and Amazon voice assistants. After configuring them using your Android application we can integrate them into the assistant.

In this way, we can turn on and turn off not only lamps, but other types of devices, such as fans or the electric heater.

In fact, with this last product it is even convenient to use the option of programming, that allows the device to be turned on and off at the same time every day, achieving notable savings in money.

4 smart plugs for 30 euros: a beastly offer 3

Of course, we can use these plugs from outside the home, with our mobile data connection, being able to turn the lights on and off when we are traveling, perfect so that it is not obvious that no one is home.

For this, it is not mandatory to use voice assistants, since we can control them with their own application.

4 smart plugs for 30 euros: a beastly offer 4


The price on the Amazon website is 46 euros, although we can apply the coupon that appears on the product sheet, which represents a saving of 33%, leaving the final price at 30 euros. This coupon can be used until September 14.


Buy 4-pack smart plugs on Amazon

If you are interested in home automation and you already use a voice assistant on your mobile or your home, it is very possible that this offer is for you.

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