39 free apps that were previously paid: Don’t let them escape!

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Table of Contents

Nothing better to start the weekend than to get free applications for Android in Spain, games and customization packs, such as animated wallpapers and icon packs. All of these paid apps are free for a limited time.

As usual, we have compiled heresome paid applications that you can now download completely free, but beware, they won’t be like this for long. Here we select applications that are normally paid, but whose developers have decided to offer them for a limited time at no cost. No ads or micropayments.

  • It could only happen on Android: this app turns your wallpaper into a post-it.
  • Spotify Releases Its 2020 Roundup: How To See Your Most Streamed Songs.
  • Collabora Office: the best free alternative to Open Office comes to Android.

Free apps are available for a limited time, so don’t take long to get hold of them.

And of course, once you download them,will be associated with your Google accountand therefore they will be yours forever, being able to install them again in the future or on other Android smartphones and tablets that you have with your Google account. As we always warn, these “offers” can end at any moment, so it is possible that some applications or games will no longer appear free when you click on them, it all depends on how fast you are.

Free Android Apps

  1. Game Booster Pro | Bug Fix & Lag Fix.
  2. Equalizer FX Pro.
  3. Pro Qamp – Mp3 Player – Music Player.
  4. All Task Reminder Pro + Widget.
  5. Screen Draw Screenshot Pro.
  6. 90X Duplicate File Remover Pro.
  7. JPEG Optimizer PRO with PDF support.
  8. Music 90s Radio Pro.
  9. momdyn.
  10. Temperature Converter Pro.
  11. 80s Music Radio Pro.
  12. Music player – audio player.
  13. RubikCalcPRO: Programmable Calculator (PRO).
  14. Keepalive Bluetooth.
  15. Hot VPN Pro – HAM Paid VPN Private Network.
  16. WA agent: read deleted messages and statuses.
  17. Luci 💤 – Intelligent Dream Journal & Lucid Guide.
  18. Rec Audio Recorder PRO.
  19. SUI File Explorer PRO.
  20. Launcher 2020 – ADL Advanced Digital Launcher Pro.
  21. Screenshot Pro 2.
  22. The Social Horoscope Community.
  23. Pitch Pipe Wear.
  24. Lecture Notes – Classroom Notes Made Simple.

Free Android Games

Watch video

  1. Toy Of War.
  2. MathLand Full Version: Mental math, addition, subtraction.
  3. Quik: Gravity Flip Platformer.
  4. Boymate10 – Brain Card Games.
  5. Word Mania PRO.
  6. Spelling Right PR.
  7. Dead Bunker 2 HD.
  8. Stone Of Souls.
  9. Dead Bunker 3: On a Surface.
  10. We Never Told You.

Free customization apps

  1. 3D Sun Watch Live Wallpaper.
  2. iONs Icon Pack.
  3. Famver – Icon Pack.
  4. Doodle Button – Icon Pack.
  5. Ethereal for Substratum • Q, Pie, Oreo, Nougat.

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