23 resources to learn how to create Android applications

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23 resources to learn how to create Android applications

If you are looking for a specific application for a specific use and can not find it, never is it takes to learn how to program Android apps and create it yourself. To create a simple application in Android is the scope of anyone with patience and desire, but to create apps that are more complicated will require good resources (and even more eager).

If you’re thinking about learning to program applications for Android, here we will show you the 23 most useful resources that you can find today to help you do that and, best of all, all the resources that we have included are free and of quality.

Official documentation of Android


The world of Android will change with each version, and still more from the point of view of the developers. By this, it is common that tutorials and information are available on the Internet not later in the stay-of-date. The only way to stay updated is to query the official documentation of Androiddirectly from the hand of Google.

The documentation can be overwhelming in the beginning, although it has a section with guides for developers you explain so entertaining the basics and not so basic, the programming of Android applications. For those who are initiated can be especially useful to the guide How to create your first app.

Material Design


If you want the applications that you think look really beautiful besides being functional, you’ll have to check it out before or after the official documentation of Material Designrelated to Android, but that is kept separate to be cross-platform, and not just for Android.

This documentation includes the various components of Material Design, as well as recommendations on what what to do and what not to do with them and the new possibilities of personalization Material Theming.

Code examples


If you are one of those who prefer not to from the white sheet, the repository with sample applications of Android is immense, with 220 sample applications the reach of a click, both Java and Kotlin or C/C++. You can search, filter by topics, and each sample is hosted on GitHub, so that it will not cost you anything to clone it to your PC.

What is more, these sample applications are accessible directly from Android Studioso if you want to look around how to do this or that, you only need to import a sample application from the welcome window of Android Studio, in Import an Android code sample.



If you’re now in the programming of Android, you can ignore Jetpack in a first moment, but sooner or later you’ll have to deal with this evolution of the support library. Jetpack is a set of libraries and tools for to facilitate the creation of apps with advanced features that are well-adapted to previous versions of Android.

Jetpack includes many libraries of components that were offered before separately or within the support library, and if you don’t want to go crazy you must have a notion, at least approximately, of what is and what is it. On their website you have a wealth of information and guides.

YouTube channels


On YouTube there are tutorials to any thing imaginable, and there are also lots and lots of videos to learn how to program in Android. The the official channel of Android Developers mix basics with other advanced and talks, complete with best practices.

Of course, that will not cost you find many other videos and YouTube channels with similar content (as MoureDev), although you have to take into account that the content of a few years it will be practically outdatedso it is best that you do not fill your head with concepts that are not very applicable today.

This program of Google


The this software are something like exercises in which you must complete a series of steps. Some of these this program will guide you to create some simple application, while others are part of a workshop or focus on a specic function. Generally, each exercise should not take you more than a few minutes.

The good thing about this program is that it generally it will guide you quite a bit about what you have to doproviding at the end the code by if you became stuck. Currently there is a good amount of this software based on Android, in both Java and Kotlin.

Courses of Google


A step beyond this program are the courses of Google, ranging from basic concepts to the creation of applications with advanced functions. Today Google list some courses for beginners and for advanced developers, all of them free and that you can make easily at home with Android Studio.

Some of these courses based on this program, by guiding you to base workout on what you have to do, while others are complemented with videos, complete (in this case, are the of Udacity, which we will see below).

Course from Google on Udacity


If you are looking for courses that will guide you in greater depth, especially in the basics, Google has currently 15 free courses of high quality in Udacity and 2 nanodegrees (which are paid).

These courses include extensive explanations in the videooften summarizing complex concepts to be more easy to understand, plus exercises and quizzes to test if you are following the explanation.

Other free courses


In basically every online education platform you’ll have no trouble finding courses of programming in Android, in some cases for free. For example, at Udemy you can use the search, and filters to find the courses for free. Again, remember to focus on courses that are relatively new, to avoid learning information “out of date”.

Stack Overflow


Stack Overflow is a resource that will do you to learn, but for when you find yourself with an error and do not know how to fix it during your programming practices. Copying the error that you get in your browser, it is quite likely that you find someone who has had the same problem before and, with luck, the solution of the same in their responses.

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23 resources to learn how to create Android applications

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