13 doubts resolved about Disney+ and its operation on arrival to Spain

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13 doubts resolved about Disney+ and its operation on arrival to Spain

Today is the day of Disney+. The wait has come to an endand he has done so in full quarantine in a large part of Europe, something that the people confined can thank. In the Netherlands and in the united States have been able to try out the service for months, but here the release has been carried out in a second round (and at first, was going to arrive later).

As with any service that opens in a market, there are many doubts about its operation and about the options that the company offers control of the platform, payment, profiles, simultaneous displays, etc

Do you have Disney+ trial period?

Disney Test

Yes. From early this morning at 2 AM uk time, the american company offers a trial period of 7 days. After this period, Disney will make us pay 6,99 euros a month, or 69,99 euros in a year, which is equivalent to eur 5.83 to eur per month. As the company informs, this is a savings of 16%.

What forms of payment offers Disney+?

Disney Payment

Even for the trial period, Disney+ we ask for payment information. We have several options to choose from when you select the monthly plan or the annual. If we choose credit card, we will be given the option of using a VISA card, Mastercard, or American Express. As an alternative, Disney+ can also be paid with PayPal.

Is there a way to sort the content that we want to see later?

Yes, as you do on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ they have also enabled a section called ‘My list’to which we can add movies or complete series, never by chapter. However, as happens in the other platforms, nor is there a section with the social to show to friends what will be the next thing we will see or what we are seeing now, as other provides Spotify.

Does Disney+ select the quality of playback?

Disney Quality Disney+ we do not have quality options for playback, but we can adjust something in the smartphones.

No, not in the sense of select resolution, such as YouTube. The resolution and quality that we’ll play will be the maximum that support our connection and device: 1080p or 4K, SDR or HDR, etc, however, in the ‘application Settings’ of smartphones, we can indicate the quality of the discharge, between ‘High’, ‘Average’ and ‘Standard’. The high occupies four times more than the average, and six times more than the ‘Standard’.

We talk about 4 GB aproximadados for every hour of content (in iPhone, with Dolby Vision). That is more that consume the highest quality Netflix 1080p streamingwhile in download mobile in high quality a chapter of approximately one hour (The Crown) is 949,2 MB. We talk about that the top quality of download, Disney+ more than quadruples that of Netflix.

If what you want is save dataalso offers the possibility of using only Wifi to play, play on automatic quality, or “Save data”, playing in a lower quality.

How many profiles can be created for each account?

Profiles Disney

The number is seven. We can assign custom name and icon of the gallery of Disney+, that are very attractive, since the characters from the different franchises. In addition, each profile (less the main) we can assign the condition of the child’s account, and delete it in the moment that we decide.

Profile photos

How many visualizations of concurrent allows Disney+?

Since its announcement, Disney reported that it could reproduce content from Disney+ in to four devices simultaneously. It is thus in the unique pricing plan that you have, such as Amazon Prime Video, unlike Netflix, which makes us pay 15,99 € to be able to enjoy four screens.

How many devices can perform downloads to play offline?


Ten, something that was also announced by Disney a long time ago. In addition, you can perform unlimited downloads, so there will be no problems with stock up for a trip. To delete one of those 10 devices, simply you’ll have to remove all downloaded content from him.

What all the titles are in 4K?


Not, also depends on the device. The majority of releases are in that resolution, but the content more ancient, though remastered, are in HD. On mobile devices, Disney does not see anything superior to HD as QHD or similar, but the HD dry. On terminals with screen 4K as the Sony Xperia 1 will not be available, for the time being, playback on 4K.

What languages of audio and subtitles are available?

Languages Languages available in ‘The Mandalorian’

Here the thing varies a lot depending on the content. For example, in ‘Toy Story 4’ we can choose between Spanish and English, both in audio and in subtitles. In contrast to this, in ‘The Mandalorian‘you can choose between German, English, English descriptive, audio Spanish, Latin american Spanish, French, Italian, japanese, Polish and Portuguese. The subtitle of the series are available in those same languages, with the addition of Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, suomi, Swedish, Portuguese, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Is there a way to control the playback history by account and profile?

No, the settings and the information that provides the platform in this regard are tremendously both plain, there are hardly any settings and details with which to play, although that, in part, can be good.

Can you control the autoplay?


For some users, end of a chapter of a series, and automatically start the next can be cumbersome. Disney+ allows you to disable this, but we’ll have to set it not in general settings, but within the editing menu of each profile (where we changed name and photo). From there also we can control the automatic playing of videos in the background while we navigate the menus. A option, the of disable trailersthat has been celebrated a lot on Netflix.

What I can do marathons of original series Disney+ newly acquired, as in Netflix?


No, Disney+ we’ll have to see the new series week-to-weeknot as is the case with Netflix, where normally, the end of the week of the premiere we can see the whole season. The funny thing is that this is so even with ‘The Mandalorian’, which has already been issued complete in markets such as the Netherlands or the united States. In Spain, for the moment, we have to make do with two chapters of the series ‘Baby Yoda‘.

What devices can I view Disney+?

  • Android Terminals with Android 5.0 or higher.
  • Terminal iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with iOS 11 or higher.
  • Browsers: Safari 11 or higher (from macOS Sierra onwards), Chrome 73 and Firefox 68. In the case of Chrome we talk about Windows 7 on, just like in Firefox. However, Firefox 68 we can use it in macOS 10.9, and Chrome 73 from macOS 10.10. Linux is not supported
  • Smart TVs LG with webOS 3.0 or higher.
  • Smart TVs Samsung with Tizen. Models of 2016 or higher.
  • Android TV and devices like Nvidia Shield TV and My TV Box 4L: Android TV 5.0 or higher
  • Fire TV Stick: normal version and 4K.
  • Chromecast: all models.
  • Apple TV: 4 gen or higher. It also supports AirPlay and AirPlay 2.
  • Consoles: Nintendo Switch, Sony PS4 and Xbox One.

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13 doubts resolved about Disney+ and its operation on arrival to Spain

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