10 million Spaniards see their phone leaked due to a Facebook failure

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Doubts about Facebook’s security are nothing new, due to the many controversies of the social network in Spain in recent years, with various investigations as a result. A vulnerability that was fixed a couple of years ago continues to haunt the social network. In this breach the phone numbers of 533 million users worldwide were filtered.

As reported from The Verge, it has been discovered that this database that contains some 533 million telephone numbers is for sale through a bot on Telegram. Among those phone numbers we find the numbers of about 10 million users in Spain, who are affected in this way.

Facebook user phone numbers for sale

Telegram bot sells Facebook user data

This discovery is made by Motherboard, that said bot has discovered on Telegram, whose responsible is still unknown. First you are asked to make a payment for the service, of $ 20 for a single consultation and $ 5,000 for a massive access. The person responsible for said bot claims to have data from 533 million users, coming from a 2019 security breach in the social network.

Those responsible for the discovery were able to verify that the phone numbers associated with Facebook ID are correct, which represents a risk for all those users. In the case of Spain, there are 10,894,209 affected accounts, so it is something that affects a huge number of users of the social network in our country. Some data may be out of date, but it is still a large number of phone numbers.

Telegram bot sells Facebook phone numbers

Users who changed their phone number after August 2019 should not be affected by this database leak. Those users who have your phone number associated with your Facebook account they should take steps to protect their account on the social network.

You can bet on activating two-step verification in your account, so that you prevent someone from entering without your permission. If you are tired of the problems of the social network, you can resort to deleting your account permanently. On the other hand, it is important to be aware of possible unwanted logins, so you can check if someone has entered and thus take measures to improve security.

The entry 10 million Spaniards see their phone filtered due to a Facebook failure appears first in El Androide Libre.